Sunday, April 16, 2006

Eklektro Rio de Janeiro : last Brazil episode!

Just in time for Easter Sunday, here's our final Eklektro Brasileiro episode, highlighting our new favorite city, Rio de Janeiro... and shot from the dazzling perspective of "Rio in a day"! Yes, after 7 exciting weeks, thousands of miles traveled and several blogged episodes; I'm back in Los Angeles now, and with a solar-powered summer on the way. So stay tuned as we trend back into our alternative energy and collaborative music pursuits, while preparing for our next phase of road adventures!
Special thanks to Eduardo from iCafe Ipanema, where Apple computers and iSight cameras will soon be the topic of a Rio retrospective clip (posting soon); and last-minute LA thanks to Brian from, for eleventh hour editing inspirations, and original intro soundtrack... (all done between his VJ gigs with Thomas Dolby this past weekend). More soundtrack credits: "Screamplay" by Eklektro, and Christo Rendentor soundtrack performed by Johnny Cash, "Personal Jesus" by Depeche Mode.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Eklektro Jungle Gringo: Into the Rain Forest!

So the rain forest is aptly named, and i could only take out my camera during dry intervals (and Eklektro ain't no Discovery Channel!), but there's surely enough for you to get an idea... lush, green, super-oxygenated air and sounds of a million bugs and birds. Monkeys following us down the trail and hiding from the camera... an anaconda slithered outa' sight too quick to capture (on video!)... sloths and alligators stayed hidden... but we got a taste; and then back to Alter do Chou. Rains are relentless, and once again, while camera-free i beheld a spectacle while kayaking across the lagoon: a brilliant rainbow next to an early-rising moon... behind me, the slowly setting sun... and to the other side, dark grey storm clouds rumbling in the distance! Amazon! (... and the magic happens when you leave the camera behind)
cam and editing by EKG, soundtrack "jungle" track: Eklektro "Lackluster" 1999

Saturday, April 08, 2006

To the Amazon!

Eklektro Amazon
This is the en-route episode, leaving Floripa and landing in Santarem, the little gateway city to the jungle... Then stay tuned for another jungle upload before onwards to Rio... and then "home"! (soundtrack beats: "Lackluster" -Eklektro 1999)

yes, its the Amazon for crying out loud....
after twelve hours in (what i'd guess you'd call) air transit...
('cause in contrast to the lightness of air):
there's the work of waiting... before even taxi-ing down the runway,
before the actual jet propulsion, anticipation along with the... ouch:
airport taxi, check in, seatbelts fastened, layover lounge, baggage claim
no balanced breakfast, sleep-starved and airline food's not all the same
on top of living a last rush of hours in Floripa, and editing... happy and drained
Florianopolis, yes i haven't slept properly in days....
coming in for a landing in Manaus, with still one flight left to go...
the clouds start to clear... and there it is....
and its the first time i ever saw that river...
and its HUGE... and we keep cruising, a few thousand feet above...
and it snakes along its way, light brown with shores of deep green teeming...
The river is living, and leading our plane along with it... Amazonia
making the Everglades seem like a miniature golf game

Monday, April 03, 2006

7 minutes of Eklektro: summing up South Brazil

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Back by popular demand, this week we bring you 7 (more) minutes of Eklektro, talking-dread / talking head style, with lots of colorful flavors mixed on top... including some some straight talk about psytrance music... after this past saturday night's outdoor party. many thanks to my Brazilian Portuguese translator friend Tiago, who finally learned how to pronounce Eklektro!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

April's Nomad

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Soon heading to the Amazon... soon back to LA
Can't believe its already April (and only 30 days til May!)...
Brazil, Brasil... Being one of the only english-speakers around here the past couple weeks, I guess the mind plays tricks with one's "verbal thoughts", and so i've been stuck in a groove of rhyming... I hope these effects are only temporary!
So this clip continues the story from December... with much more still coming...