Saturday, March 11, 2006

Virtual Brasil: Be Here Now: Florianopolis

3/10/06: Missed the plane to the Amazon! ... a sure sign of being happy where i am:
happy with the here and now... happy with the studio jungle-house... my latest new home as a tech-nomad, Florianopolis, Brasil... affectionately referred to as "Floripa":

i laugh out loud ironic and otherwise non-complain
the day i missed the plane...

unbroken Mac still in my hands, still no stolen camera

no broken bones, blown screens or viral inflictions

Here are the nomad's weekly inflections
cast to the wireless wind...
cast to my non-minions...
noisy media aimed at those on the verge,
those on the non-grid...
cast to all otherwise getting by on the perimeters of life
expressive technology in tandem, or extension to the body
from mobile phone to new home in a wilderness-studio
sprouting up on jungle-backstreets
ocean sky in the jungle night
how else could i miss a flight?
floripa brasil '06

(good news is that despite what they told me on the phone... i got through a loophole...
went to the airport with Alessandra as translator... and rebooked the Amazon for early April!)

... and so here we are, and with fresh video!

In the middle of this clip, there's a street performance which is quite intriguing... shot in Brasilia, we'd love to get a line-by-line translation of the dialog! Bear in mind that this "performance" is totally improvised, made up on-the-fly! This type of street performance is called "repente", pronounced hey-PEN-chi. So here's a spontaneous offering from a very dynamic duo Danny stumbled across. And as for the rather rhythmic and impassioned repentista? I think she could go head to head and trade rhymes with Mike D, Ad-Rock or MCA anyday! Look out, Beastie Boys!

part one

...of a 3 minute trickle-down from 3 months of fresh life-surveilance video from my friend danny's incognito cam, edited in one rainy afternoon... backpack studio style

the above clip is posted as an mp4 file, for wider compatiblity
an more compatible file for ipod is located at here
but you'll need the absolute latest quicktime driver
(and perhaps a browser tweak or 2 in order to view)

Floripa grafitti

...and of course, archives are always located at:
Eklektro Breakbeat of the Week


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