Tuesday, March 07, 2006

more street beats from Salvador!

Crazy rhythms from the get-go, here's one more clip from Salvador...
Carnaval... the finale!

and in case you have trouble viewing, here's the same clip in non iPod codec
Part Three

Soon time to move onward: The splurge for the Brazilian Airpass was money well spent, considering the size of the Brasil and the epic 30-hour bus rides between regions. So you get 4 airline trips in 21 days, for $572 US. All this excitement and cultural absorption before settling down for a month in a beach house down south in Florianopolis.... where i'll switch to full-time editing mode and certainly some freshly-inspired electronic drum work.
But then a 5 day jaunt to the Amazon, early April... then Rio de Janeiro. Stay tuned for street-level jams from these locations as well.

Eklektro: eclectic electronics... everywhere!
over and out,
aka gReg


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