Thursday, March 02, 2006

Eklektro Trio Eletrico, Salvador, Carnaval part 2

Carnaval continues, and the energy picks up each night. This extended jam goes for 7 minutes as you watch the "trio eletrico" make its way down the street, like a pirate ship floating past historical buildings... with the singer's mantra repeating (rough translation) "keep that evil eye off of me..." Ending with the ecstatic laughter of little kids decked out in the colors of the group...

One scene i didn't dare try to capture on video (keeping my camera safely stashed), was a walk through a secret alleyway, then down an actual hillside shanty-town around midnight Monday. we passed through 3 raucous makeshift reggae "bars", built in front of people's homes, further and further down the random palm-lined hills, down steps cut into clay, cinderblock, balconies, outhouses, gardens, dogs and cats and dreadlocked kids up WAY past their bedtime (Carnaval is for everyone!)... all along this zig-zagging trail with dancehall reggae blasting to full distortion levels. Rastas everywhere... strange mixed vibe of absolute chill and absolute tension... but this was the ONLY place in the city our guide told us we could have a quick smoke in peace. (ahh, paz.... underground of the underground)

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