Thursday, December 01, 2005

EKG Mobile Video Blogger, teaser clip

A look behind the scenes at the Eklektro RV (with VX2000 camera out the sunroof like a periscope), ready for action. My mobile-blogging persona is ek>G, as in Eklektro-Greg / MC, master of circuitry; and my retro-rocket '76 GMC motorhome / solar-powered studio is another EKG, as in Eklektro Kardio Geographic, the multi-system'd mechanical heart of it all, housing the electronics and delivering the landscapes and cityscapes that inspire me. We (me and the RV) cover a lot of ground... edit and upload whenever we can... and caravan, if there's anybody else motivated at the moment... ready to create... in motion... artistic spontaneity, vehicular video, re-creational and alternative energy driven. And the concepts are exponential: collaborative music, fueled by alternative energy and fleshed-out through techno travel: earth address optional!Click here to view this video


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