Wednesday, December 21, 2005

December's Nomad - solar-challenged

Winter Solstice... the shortest day of the year; and well, its the first day of winter...
and yes its been a LONG time since we've made a real-time Eklektro video blogger entry... ever since the camera died on us in Thailand.... last spring!
So in the meantime, suddenly video podcasting has become all the rage... and so our New Year's resolution? To rekindle BREAKBEAT OF THE WEEK as a true weekly entry... ASAP... or maybe even starting with this week?

So this episode features real-time electronic drum jams run off of (increasingly rare this time of year) solar electricity... from an unseasonably warm Malibu beach.
camera rap by Alessandra; drums and blog-talk by ek>G (me).

and of course, check the "breakbeat of the week" archives (under re-construction):

stay tuned soon for part II,
and as we convert BREAKBEAT OF THE WEEK over to RSS feed,
for easy podcast subscribing!

Happy Holidaze everyone!


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