Saturday, May 21, 2005

What started out as a quick email to my cohort from, who just bought his RV and is soon joining me... quickly became another writing out of control... another unstoppable flow of new ideas soon fleshed-out, and in so many ways i guess you could say we're starting our own live-played mobile internet radio breaks-station, with the motor-homing cyber-punked house-band all-in-one (so we join this email in progress, just a few days before Ziffer's arrival into full-time tech-nomadic living, starting out here on this ranch... where i'm willfully stuck now, 95 degrees in these shady RVs, and with still one month till summer: this is boot-camp).

<in other words, while it was often certainly hot in Thailand, seems Southern California is gonna vaporize me! So yo, made some phonecalls, took some opinion polls... Naoism does make one hell of a band name, and i'm wondering if you'd allow me to interject some exploding Cali colors to some of these recreational covers we've discussed, ha!... And if it kicked, would you be OK with putting the Naoism name on it? do a few, fully produced for live performance... and so assuming any given one clicks, seek the rights, and maybe even market a real release of the shit in conjunction with our own creations... creations and re-creations... Rebel Music: using it and some similar all summer as the other side of our mobile soundtrack... the things that gather crowds during 'dem impromptu street performances... and nighttime digital graphitti 'wit that higher power projector you got... Slam our own videos and logos all the fuck over LA... So: particular tunes... think of them as "summer tunes"... and after playing around with a few of these tracks the next few months, even VJing over em, content often the escapades of what we did (and nearly got arrested doing) the previous week: This is kinda like the Orange Alert idea i had for summer '03... when i started that little sub-blog on eklektro, with Jamie and Lotek writing in on it. well, let's add some to it... consider the thematic Nao-ist cultural aspects, state of the world, the misappropriated flow of the world's energies (and the fight over exactly what that means) and when in doubt in-your-face smiling punk deep hard techno message mixed with fun and games / hot rocket science w/burningman girls on vocals and tambourines (Mad Maxx / Josie and the Pussycats) aspect always present otherwise forget it. so starting with Rebel Music (such a great start)... and making the list... and also making a public-eye remake yet-to-be-released list, ie) a posting "looking for special guests" to jam with us..., a list which could be checked out by those on or Craigslist. Yeah, and as far as underground special guests go, LA: i want to dig that town thoroughly and quick before i once again get ready to leave it (and maybe this time we'll all do a well-timed co-migration). Shoot something serious, barely-controlled at times, and of course hilarious. (like Chili Peppers "Walk Like a Brave" video... ha! vaguely like this... but for our oh so-serious toys, and its 20 years later, and what's REALLY happened/changed since then...? the state of the world, freedom, illusion? and what do you have to say? well,... fuckin' LOTs... and loudly, barely within the limits of the law... with these parade-ready anti-Patriot Act RVs. "Oh why can't we roam... this open COUNTRY!"
(and if we got the rights for this OTHER one in particular i'm playing with... holy shit!) yeah, i sure know where to get some friends to star in it (out-takes from summer solstice)
All this and with props like Perpetual Apollo, etc... if we WANTED to get signed, we'd be SO fucking signed... don't you know, fellow Media PunkStar? and right now i say this from the dusty garage, contrasted with all this DATA on my hard drives... from 6 years of hard DRIVES... (drum/dance/drive/digitize) (and as i confront yet another RV re-design: i'm more sure than ever: everything and everyone looks great in an RV with a backdrop of silver): Eklektro super-etcetera :: and Lotek finally arrives in LA (re-locates) on 7/11 (did he schedule that on purpose? like he wants us to throw a party or something?)
and the latest idea has me laughing out loud... the band: getting some of these girls singin'... the ulterior motive aspect misconstrued like the worst of reality shows... male/female phenomena like Fleetwood Mac... auditions...? no not just anybody. only those who seek to digest the deeper data so prevalent on our websites,....only those self-described as bad-ass and able to back it up can share soundwaves with this band (jam), stage or no-stage (streamed), bands within bands (made up of nomads): out in the open and in this respect, Eklektro: as Konduktor of enegies: as the electronic drum circle formula is hyper participatory... EKG>MC and my work cut out for me. meanwhile, Naoism, the concept / the band will indeed rock you interactively (especially if before the show you study up on the "required reading"...) and dig: Naoism is not for everybody (some are happier stationary), right?: write: and so i'll shut-up and upload this treatise as May 21st's "daily manifesto": One month till summer solstice. full solar ENERGY impending, and may shock anyone parked in proximity: ha!
So in anticipation I connected all the hard drives and said jeezuz, yesterday had borrowed -2's camera, and what i shot was outa' practice, yet fantastic and really should've been streaming... and you know like i know how ridiculously soon it all WILL!
i'm so OVER editing... and the healthy contrast: Rebel Music is hands-on, like yesterday on drum-set, broke a drumstick... and as for these break beats of which i so often speak? today its apparently meant to be an HPD15 afternoon... (LIVE 4-ever) the first one in 6 months dude..

Thursday, May 05, 2005

5/5/05: My camera has been dead a month (in the shop), but Eklektro-theory is staying alive; and more than merely alive (since fresh-back from Thailand), its exploding (!) under control (!) and mainly 'cause so many friends are on the verge of becoming full-time tech-nomads. So is the time finally right to start "the band"??!! Time to fire up the next round of Eklektro Karavan??!!
Well, for me lately, this nomadic drift back to temporary home base (on the edge of the desert / sunny spring day) affords especial clarity of definition (the often-lacking compliment to mere vision)… spreading out and looking back at El Eklektro blogger entry from May 1st in Mexico last year… even then thinking we were on the edge of it... but so much unexpected side-trips and refinement since then... like back-pack studio traveling and writing in Thailand... intense! And what's next? even just maintaining our vehicles (and repairing broken cameras) is one hell of a prospect, and we’ve sure been kicking it… both on and off wheels, and perhaps with Amsterdam ahead, Thai-return to secret island (solar studio experiment) after So-Cal kick-off of the “band” in the fall… a calendar? Stay tuned for big postings and filling in the blanks.. later today… semi-automatic web weaponry dispensed between hedz and musician friends: blogging: back to it.