Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween: bring out your dead!

OK, searching my AV archives for something scary, I had to dig deep for this one... going back 11 years to my pre-nomadic life in the Boston warehouse studio, and the techno-industrial band I was fronting, called Fixion. Here's the B-side of our demo, and the track called Empty, and yes, you heard it right, the first lyrics are "When I am dead..." ha ha!! (and it kinda goes downhill from there)! something uplifting for you and yours on this hallowed eve...
So to put this all in context of pre-Eklektro history: Fixion kicked hard for about a year... until Eric went to NYC to try his hand at producing, and i went to Europe and discovered raving!
(more pre-millenium pre-Eklektro archive bits coming soon...)

Fixion was:
Vocals, drums and production: G. Weber (me)
Programming, synths and production: E. Lee (where are you Eric?)
Guitars and attitude: J. Carnabuci (where are you Joe?)

And so on the eve of a new Breakbeat of the Week,
wishing you a Happy Halloween!