Monday, May 29, 2006

Cyber EZ Ryder

Wow, from May Day to Memorial Day, time has surely flown since being back here in the states! But finally here's an episode to put Eklektro back in rotation, and with lots more on the way... this summer.... introducing: Cyber EZ Ryder... from Rio de Janeiro... and back to orbiting LA... semi-nomadic status, a new MacBook Pro in the studio and a backlog of beats about to break... (and seeking a local web designer willing to work for barter-pay)...
Over and out for now, and thanks for watching...

Sunday, May 07, 2006

RE-United RE-Creational Vehicles

Funny thing that the same weekend "RV" tops the box office... these 2 get back together
Been too busy to blog... but here's the pic to prove: For the first time in nearly 3 years, the (2) Eklektro RVs are side-by-side! Pictured, the silver '76 GMC "Rocket", and the tan '78 GMC "Camel"... complimentary machines. The Camel is now half-way rebuilt after 03's catastrophic crash! So Eklektro Karavan is gearing back up, slowly... Currently looking into converting at least one of the rigs over to propane power ($2.25 / gallon vs. $3.35 for gasoline!)
Ariel view, shot from the roof-top of the new stationary studio...
(see Solar-Sonic, in silver...)

Monday, May 01, 2006

MayDay: Daily Manifesto: first audio podcast

Insights via nomadic perspective, 16 minutes on the topics of philosophy and politics (continued from intro); perhaps best sync'd to your iPod and listened to while sitting in traffic. Subject: Freedom, America and the underground: How we almost had a Utopian path, Where we went astray, and what we can do to get back on track; exploring historical patterns and transgressions, objective analysis and proposed solutions... in tandem with the liberating powers of technology, the merging of eastern and western philosophies, and the re-recognition of perhaps man's greatest gift... volition!

MayDay_LA: Daily Manifesto: podcast intro

Breaking the 2 week silence with an audio blog entry, celebrating the 7 year nomadic anniversary of my unexpected orbit 'round the metropolis of Los Angeles... yes, exactly 7 years ago, this week! So with respect to experiences and observations as a Tech-Nomad, living and learning... experimenting, and writing new code... NOW i'm gonna fire-up the blog called "Daily Manifesto"... and this is the first episode's intro... (see part 2 later today)... (and coming soon, the new sub-blog)... enjoy