Monday, March 27, 2006

December's Nomad, part 2, solar-powered drums!

hmmm.... Breakbeat of the... Pre-ReLease?
Well i'm having a hard time deciding whether or not to include non-real-time videos here on BreakBeat of the Week... In some ways its not quite the same as fresh "vlogging"... In other ways, we're just catching up from editing studio snafus passed down to us from finicky technology... and before you know it... what happened to that blog?
So here it is, and partly 'cause I couldn't resist putting out 2 blogs back to back, saturday and sunday.... (well it WOULD've been sunday, but my local Brazilian web cafe had a Mac meltdown yesterday!) And so i guess the easy rule is, when in doubt: Vlog! 'Specially here from Brazil... where its been raining)
So this one is part 2 of a rather run-a-way piece i started editing (and couldn't stop adding to) throughout December and into January... as continuation of that episode called "December Nomad" uploaded on Dec 20... (half the footage was actually shot a month earlier on my birthday... during a strange batch of unseasonably HOT weather in Malibu CA... thanks to A for shooting and rapping) Tried to pull a quick editing frenzy to finish, but then it was time to get ready for Brazil! (AND i was outa' server space...)
So finally, here's the piece, and what comes next is a surprise even to me.... Maybe tune in later this week...? or better yet subscribe to EK_BBW... and as always, and for sake of no HTML in this future feed-burnt post, please click on eklektro dot net slash breakbeatweek dot html
and then you can see what's fresh on our channelized delivery, eventually daily!
Yes, from the perspective of conscious streams vs. episodes vs. documentaries... strange images and loops... blah blah vlogging...
So no more words / dig the drumming, and feel free to please leave blog commentary


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