Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Brazil Guest-Cam from Danny N, Road to Floripa

Traveling Brazil for over 3 months running, my friend Danny is a capoeira instructor and fellow electronic musician with an eye and ear for adventure! Also, his mp4 camera is a little more stealth than my Sony 3-chip, enabling him to pick up and shoot at the drop of a hat. So after hanging in Floripa a few days, we got around to comparing clips, and i offered to edit together some of his footage for this week's Breakbeat of the Week submission... So dig the lo-fi spy-cam flavor as you get to sit in on some uniquely Brazilian rituals and rhythms... Breaking beats from the streets, and the beach!
camera by Danny N
(un)editing by ek>G

the above movie is an mp4 file, for wider compatiblity
an ipod compatible file is located here
but you'll need the absolute latest quicktime driver
(and perhaps a browser tweak or 2 in order to view)


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