Saturday, March 25, 2006

7 minutes of Eklektro: Talking Dread

Well we had to go and do it... Now that we've entered the world of syndicated video blogging and have our first few dozen subscribers, it was time to put the cam on the tripod and do one of those conventional "talking head" video blogs! In this case its "talking dread"...

Long overdue, you might get a kick out of this, 'cause i take the opportunity to explain (for the first time viewer) exactly what Ek-Lek-Tro is all about! Electronic music? RVs? Solar Power? ummm... Random world travel and vague video?
Well, i can certainly ramble, but hey, you can load it onto your video iPod for later consumption... So give it a good listen, and i think you'll come to understand exactly what's going on here in the world of Eklektro... 'cause its just the beginning! (And yes, we ARE looking for LA contributors and like-minded bloggers worldwide for our video channel). Many projects in the works, so be sure to subscribe to Eklektro!
Thanks to Derek Lotek and Brian Naoism for quick knob-tweaking appearances and PA graphics in this episode...
Sorry for any messy editing, bad lighting, noisy bits and what-not, but hey, this isn't "film-making"... This is vlogging!
Enjoy! and happy Breakbeat of the Week-end!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes!! This was a brillant post!! I am subscribing now! More, sooner, quicker, faster!! Best of luck!!

10:15 PM  

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