Saturday, July 09, 2005

EKLEKTRO_solar-sonic :: AUDIO BLOG!!

BEWARE : this blog contains LIVE-played, raw and UN-edited blogger-style lo-res mp3s...
total Handsonic (Roland HPD-15 electronic hand drum) one-pass recordings... leaving in the mistakes: in favor of the groove.
So tune into live electronic drums by ek>G
Today's entry finds the ReCreational Vehicle parked high atop the LA hills... making music off the sun, and cellphone-uploading...

:: sit back, download... and turn up the bass ::
(you need the Quicktime driver installed)

16.8mb mp3: 19 minutes of extreme mantra :: solar-powered improv, recorded live at sunset 7/8/05, Point Dume Malibu CA

"Dangerous Brakes" in its current state incorporates dual Roland Handsonic HPD-15 (electronic hand-drums), played live:: triggering internal sounds layered with Ableton LIVE 4 Impulse kits (triggered real-time super low-latency on Powerbook 17)

Attention beat-makers: wanna lift grooves, correct mistakes, make killer loops??
8 track Ableton LIVE 4.12 file, self-contained, available by request:
so LIVE-savy producers feel free to email me
i can free-jam like this at the drop of a hat... hours a day...
multiple genres, characters, locations... no time for editing!
(pass it back and i'll overdub as MC...)
(producer points via Creative Commons 1/3 each)


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