Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Living within the systems: geographically challenged locations: post-crash RVTBDD (RV-studio totalled by drunk driver!) situation update:

No other way to be actively overseeing the mechanisms of the rebuild process (and no choice in the matter!), camping out at the garage... (reimbursement first, thank god for uninsured motorist coverage) and awaiting insurance results (and when we repaint shall we go for the exact same shade of silver? i think so), and should i get a chiropractic 2nd opinion? if i was in a wheel chair as a result of this drunken out of control kid (his 2nd offense), you know i'd sure feel some... shall we say animosity? here its just rage fueled by a bit of pain.. but AMPLIFIED intent, and tomorrow promises to be a D-day, for both me and the RV... i expect to get word on initial RV settlement, a spinal therapy workshop... and in terms of time-frame to both straighten me out as well as put the humpty dumpty back together an uncertain pace this summer, but yet another bright-side opportunity to leap-frog in an ever-improved way...
but DAMN, being thrown unbennounced (NOT in the driver seat having the luxury of bracing for the crash, but rather working in the back with headphones on and typing... judging from the impact of that crash i certainly could've been as fragile as my laptop... and died.

and so i looked back at last week's tapes, both pre and post crash and i can honestly say i know i do my best audio/video shit both preliminary and in the midst of catastrophe... but even more spooky, the material that came out just previously, within hours of the crash... as if i inadvertently or even willfully sucked such energy out of the cosmos... or so would say some of my more neo-mystic friends... the question of hyper-pace, proposition, collaboration, indicative of taste, I'm certainly scheming, cooking up, and specifically last week: 4 days solo and straight after the summer solstice string of multi-night urban gatherings and fullmoon camp-out party performance engagements.. i wait all year for that exact atmosphere and then crank out at sustained write speed... post June gloom Malibu, mobile studio: music, video and drumming and lyric and graphic and impending wireless upload... the subject matter itself spiralling upward, seemingly limitless, and then: CRASH: prophetic:?? just like last year at this exact same time::there was an underlying building of intensity, leading up to the blown engine on the highspeed road back home... and in TX... yes...of course... cosmic energy and/or something like that... no time to over-analyze it... i'd still consider my self FORTUNATE.

and SO i was and AM still now about to speak out, and my position is loud enough at least to warrant obtaining specific liability insurance, first and foremost full coverage, as i am ready to put out to free market some whole new kind of product or product line/lyric and tracks/intellectual property/daily=real-time radio: Eklektro, this is publicity statement #1, delivered in corresponding experimental format, as i know that we must first seek to protect thy own interests.... OK, so its been 4 years of development, sewing such seeds, and the time and the season is perfect, sleeping in the streets, camping at the beach, composing, streaming... the process of assembling interconnected systems with other mobile friends, and i'm finished with the preliminary, just one little rebuild project to go... some preliminary funds freed-up inadvertently, and look out for the raw new music content and/or theorizing that might fly out of me in the coming weeks, re-creating full velocity, and if i was an asshole i'd say something cliche like eat my dust or don't tread on me! How about welcome aboard? Create in motion baby!
OK, its come to our attention that our web servers are down, which has crippled the website as well as caused emails to either bounce or fade away in cyberspace... Please resend all mail to this earthlink address ( We'd like to hear from you!).

So all THIS hassle after last week's struggle... still continuing... the trickle-down of having the tan RV (The Camel) totalled by a drunk driver... now exactly one week of immediately-changed surrounds and reordered realities... crashed up and dropped down at the east LA bodyshop garage, within a heatwave... a week which would've otherwise been spent working on cool shit out at the beach! So we're relocated, grounded against our will, and without AC... and rather than giving up the ship, i'm working from within ground zero, the wounded RV... documenting damages, dusting off, digging out and otherwise protecting interests... sleeping next to RR tracks... the downtime inciting more aggressive documentary media energies... and nowhere to post 'em just yet... but once again, please stay tuned... the new servers are propagating!

In the meantime, emergency cash liquidity for a good cause:) Eklektro T-shirts are on sale for $10 each plus $3 shipping... the specific page on the site is of course down, but we've got most sizes, in black, blue, green and white... and we accept paypal at

And in the meantime: if anyone can recommend and/or donate a coastal safe-haven, we'd unbelievably appreciate it! an off-street temporary location where we can park the wounded vehicle for a few weeks once we finish the mechanical repairs (bent frame+), and where we can continue to work within the studio, while doing paint-job prepwork at night? the RV is not really THAT unsightly, and its gonna look great when we bounce back in matching silver!

and lest we forget: considering the crusade towards mobile streaming....

so OK friends, fear not, fear nothing, we're fighting back after the crash, counting blessings (and we're happy to be alive)! See you soon,