Saturday, October 10, 1998

Eklektro is eclectic electronics... everywhere!

(Four score and 7 and a half years ago to be safe... as text cascades by date,
I date this post to coincide with the fate-filled day I bought my first RV):

Here is the Eklektro blogger mission-statement as would otherwise be limited to 500 words on the Eklektro blogger main-page:

NOW LAUNCHING: all things eclectic/electronic in regards to music/media when crossed with RV mobility and wireless web: beat-makers, synthesists and specifically 'digital' DJs / VJs and infinite electronic drum circles = MC mobile multi-medium collaborative driven by tech-nomadic houseband // the escapades of Eklektro Karavan // solar-sonic ramblings and live events (and behind the scenes) improvisational rave-instrumental cyber-jazz theory-into-practice = punktronica / interactive on-location jam-streaming and creative distribution of commercial-free media content = integrative entertainment: Daily Manifesto, Breakbeat of the Week-ly show and (we propose) monthly DVDs (produced exclusively on the road) / the philosophy of gear / electro-organics / living in bungalow RVs and auto-mechanics / electronic ethic / aesthetic as tied to action, ie) instigation formula to the power and accelerated pace of individual artists in united states of societal evolution, worldwide and often orbiting LA (lost angeles anonymous)... Eklektro is eclectic electronics... everywhere!!!