Monday, October 01, 2007

Mobile Video Breakbeat

(click on this pic for sample of video breakbeat)

What is mobile video breakbeat? Using music software in unconventional ways, triggering VIDEO clips from a Korg PadKontrol MIDI drum-pad (demo forthcoming); i now PLAY visuals rather than pain-stakingly "edit" them; and so i've started to rhythmically re-assemble 7 years of nomadic RV dreams (fueled by solar power, shot on DV) into some semblance of meaning for the outside viewer (maybe?). "Playing" video without a safety net, its like trying to master a whole new form of multi-dimensional instrument... laptop "data" now mapped in little chunks (of semi-relevance) to drum-pads (the palette... one's experience)... fluctuating fully mastered grooves to all-out trainwreck and back... its lo-fidelity, yes. (but life's too short to get all hung up on hi-def) And so no better way to declare the Eklektro manifesto (over and over again): Mobile Video Breakbeat, as a form of specific artistic communication?: video samples, spoken words, phrases, atmospheres, sometimes with underlying background beats... all get re-constructed, recombined on-the-fly, semi-accidently at times (and i'm kinda likin that, semi-roulette... forecasting the direction of the karavan... musically... and as a game of chance?); and so over the coming weeks... weeks of uploaded "episodes"... weeks of trials and errors: discoveries, declarations and dares will be unveiled out of thin air; theme by theme, concept by concept (solar-sonic cyber-delic?), starting with the core belief, of which i've been convinced repeatedly is the key... and grown a chip on my shoulder to this effect: CHANGE the world, through (mass-)media, through flash-mob, through the world's best kept secret (audio-visual) (and in-person), soon surfacing: Cyber EZ Ryder


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