Thursday, October 25, 2007

santa ana syndrome

astrologers have many things to say about the phase called "mercury in retrograde", during which they claim communications scramble and technologies falter. add to the mix the meteorological phenomena of hot dry santa ana winds in southern california and you've got a rare recipe for disaster; wildfires and fall-out from malibu to the mexican border. at very least the forecast seemed like an impending dose of indian summer, and at worse, apocalypse. we fled the city and stuck to the beach

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Video Breakbeat, extreme!

Found this of course on YouTube. Here somebody takes it to the limit. I gotta find out how they did this one (which software?)!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Mobile Video Breakbeat

(click on this pic for sample of video breakbeat)

What is mobile video breakbeat? Using music software in unconventional ways, triggering VIDEO clips from a Korg PadKontrol MIDI drum-pad (demo forthcoming); i now PLAY visuals rather than pain-stakingly "edit" them; and so i've started to rhythmically re-assemble 7 years of nomadic RV dreams (fueled by solar power, shot on DV) into some semblance of meaning for the outside viewer (maybe?). "Playing" video without a safety net, its like trying to master a whole new form of multi-dimensional instrument... laptop "data" now mapped in little chunks (of semi-relevance) to drum-pads (the palette... one's experience)... fluctuating fully mastered grooves to all-out trainwreck and back... its lo-fidelity, yes. (but life's too short to get all hung up on hi-def) And so no better way to declare the Eklektro manifesto (over and over again): Mobile Video Breakbeat, as a form of specific artistic communication?: video samples, spoken words, phrases, atmospheres, sometimes with underlying background beats... all get re-constructed, recombined on-the-fly, semi-accidently at times (and i'm kinda likin that, semi-roulette... forecasting the direction of the karavan... musically... and as a game of chance?); and so over the coming weeks... weeks of uploaded "episodes"... weeks of trials and errors: discoveries, declarations and dares will be unveiled out of thin air; theme by theme, concept by concept (solar-sonic cyber-delic?), starting with the core belief, of which i've been convinced repeatedly is the key... and grown a chip on my shoulder to this effect: CHANGE the world, through (mass-)media, through flash-mob, through the world's best kept secret (audio-visual) (and in-person), soon surfacing: Cyber EZ Ryder