Monday, November 13, 2006

CityJazz: pre-Eklektro archive audio

Something to groove to over your Monday morning coffee...
While setting up the Silver Lake Studio, I uncovered some DAT tapes dating back about 10 years to the infancy of Eklektro: born of one particular warehouse party we threw in the frosty boston winter of '97, with the "eclectic-electronic" concept further developed via our renegade (and often car battery powered!) street jams that followed that next spring. There was never any set "band", rather just a fluctuating half dozen of us room mates and friends with synths and drums, all experimenting and seeing what we could cook up. Definitely a time of transition, as within the next year the whole crew would scatter in several directions when the warehouse was suddenly sold out from under us. That's when i weighed my options, bought the RV, minimized (and solarized) my studio... and hit the road to the west coast!
This particular jam was a one-on-one real-time recording with my friend Ryan on synths and loops, and me on live drums. I picked this rather simple and unfinished track not so much for its musical content as much as HOW it was collaboratively jammed, "written" in real-time... following in the footsteps of jazz. Yes, the next 10 years would bring incredible leaps in computer music technology... and unprecedented techno-travelin' adventures for the RV and me. So as one of the last recordings i ever made in a non-mobile studio, well the rest is Eklektro history. Stay tuned for more retro releases over the coming weeks... and a return to the VIDEO side of this blog!


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