Sunday, April 09, 2006

Eklektro Jungle Gringo: Into the Rain Forest!

So the rain forest is aptly named, and i could only take out my camera during dry intervals (and Eklektro ain't no Discovery Channel!), but there's surely enough for you to get an idea... lush, green, super-oxygenated air and sounds of a million bugs and birds. Monkeys following us down the trail and hiding from the camera... an anaconda slithered outa' sight too quick to capture (on video!)... sloths and alligators stayed hidden... but we got a taste; and then back to Alter do Chou. Rains are relentless, and once again, while camera-free i beheld a spectacle while kayaking across the lagoon: a brilliant rainbow next to an early-rising moon... behind me, the slowly setting sun... and to the other side, dark grey storm clouds rumbling in the distance! Amazon! (... and the magic happens when you leave the camera behind)
cam and editing by EKG, soundtrack "jungle" track: Eklektro "Lackluster" 1999


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