Sunday, August 10, 2003

well all y'all, I've been beatin it around in RV-hell for 6 weeks now... a month and a half post-CRASHed (totalled) RV, absolutely ridiculous uprooted studio and camper home all-in-one post crash = none/neither, uprooted and chiropractically kinked up, working in the East LA summer heat to better prep the silver spare RV to ergonomically suit me ASAP means sleepin next to RR tracks, and working with greasy tools and floor jacks breathing smog isn't exactly what the doctor ordered...but with every aspect of gear broken down, what am I supposed to do? blow all the insurance money to be pampered to and/or have the mechanics do all the work?... and still like it or not, murphy's law you get money and it gets absorbed by laundry lists of shit to fix between 2 RVs... ridiculous... but the Rocket was never fully set-up, and it completes the equation that in its first year of 20,000 miles it would've earned now well over $10k of repairs (50 cents per mile long surpassed and dangerously close to a dollar if I didn't do so much of the work myself... inescapable), and so perhaps I was a little short, given the Baja punishment it had taken last winter, and burningman, and even with the transmission I knew the math was still running a bit more reasonable than the Camel's track-record and that we had it coming... So, during this last garage visit, wanting to never again experience anything like the 60 mile per hour front-wheel blow-out I had a couple weeks previous on the Hollywood freeway (when I nearly died in the left lane and then have to change a tire in 100 degree heat), and so believe me when I say I feel like a spaceship's captain, troubleshooting, i shake the front wheels like i've grudgingly suspected and wham, another couple grand on suspension (declared dangerous) and on TOP of all the stuff that I've otherwise set out to fix, or ergomonically refine on my own... re-designs, decisions, materials, installations... more uprooting when you gotta sleep between the powertools and sawdust and laptops needing to be reconfigured for new softwares, and so the experience has completely shut down all creativity 'cept sometimes between garage hours when I get a chance to do some angry bits of writing... they start off like never to be sent emails, messages in bottles and damn if I haven't been a ship-wrecked pirate, and if it wasn't for the 18 grand then I probably would've been driven to do something drastic by now... the insurance fight and the ups and downs of last month... might've blown it all off, got a lawyer and took off to go hitch-hiking through europe.. but when I was sitting in the office of the sharp-dressed lawyer dude who's all of my age, all high-rent and waste of view-space and airconditioning.. having taken me half an hour to find parking for my motorhomestudio on Wilshire, he's talking the shark talk salespitch gonna get rich and I see a picture hanging on the wall behind him... of him shaking hands with Gray Davis and smiling, and so I bullshitted out of signing any papers and right there blew off the idea of empowering another lawyer... the sick process. And so I'm glad I solved at least half of it already by getting up there in the face of my insurance company, to whom i'm nothing but a 20 page fax and forceful voice on the other end of the phone... though it sucked another week of my life and now its suddenly end of summer and nearly time to file those already extended taxes for '02, the write-off I wanna amortize over 5 years... when I blew 15 grand taking 2 RVs coast to coast and back, expressly for the promotion of a particular idea and (hand in hand) for the hell of it, to TEST the systems, and a hell of an idea if not so ahead of its time and so it'd take some time to even find some people to cook it up with, or bring some people back to LA with us... via a digital karavan? ( "we have the technology" duh, mobile streaming.. whatever... and whatever it takes) expressly to meet and start working with the likes of you and yours... we keep TALKING about a mobile network, and I know damn-well first-hand it takes a foolish jumping-off of sorts to get things started, and yeah its all been slated, and yet you haven't made it out to LA all summer... and now you're supposed to give me a call about burningman... in other words, Armageddon, the immediacy of the moment, real-time media, testing of systems, communications... ahem... the whole thing could use a good dose of pyrotechnics... and (yelled like the Pink Floyd dude at the end of 'nuther Brick in the Wall:) "I'm STILL waiting!"
came close many times, but TODAY will mark the first day I will plug in the HPD-15 since the crash... the first day I will get solar-sonic with the drum, and I better hurry before something else goes wrong... from Point DOOM (for the first time in 2 weeks)
over and out,