Thursday, June 12, 2003

(for the last-minute alternatively-announced event to be called sometime around June 20th:) this is a special invitation, and you have been singled out to RSVP for directions and details. they will NOT be posted on the site, and once we are on the day-of the party (and we will announce on the morning of, so we need you to check every morning at 9 on our blog or eventual "daily manifesto" page... for those that are up that early... the morning update...)
the URL will be announced the morning-of. clues as to which side of town are announced by noon, and the party starts at 1PM with the final word of initial launch location... with half-hour updated route-projections, in case you want to check in as we hit the other side of town... orbiting LA, theory into practice: exercising intelligent communications, maximizing freedoms. Are you ready for this road trip?

behind the scenes:
we do not need too big of a soundsystem, so we will not need to charge people, or any necessarily huge in-person audience to cover any astronomical expenses... (our return on our investment will come from the eventual sale of our weekly data-CDs and monthly DVDs). too-large an "event" will attract unwanted attention for what is to be otherwise and for our purposes maximizing our current legal rights/limitations of no more than 45 persons gathered at one time without a permit... and we can to some creative extent get around this... if we spread out at a distance with 2 vehicles connected wireless internet... we can jam from perhaps a mile apart...on and off the buses... mass carpooling recommended... moving from bus to bus. the right to assemble... to scramble... to dance

stay tuned for mild-mannered email with encrypted URL (you'll know what to do)
this email will otherwise self-destruct... .it pays to check your email twice per day... and that's all it'll take...

misc to-do list: convert blog to LIVE JOURNAL, put up web page dedicated to the creation of the event, but changing URLs.. a treasure map, and a search for clues taking you on a tour through each other's mainpages... mainpage requirements: under 100k pageload, with optional message/media art URL for those to click or not click... the stress is that we all insert certain vital message media our postings... we suggest for example, if you're a digital DJ, what equipment you might like to bring and what BPM you might like to jam at... but you MUST RSVP to "attend"... we hold an informal LA rehearsal a few days previous, as well as "virtual rehearsal" (the web-blog) on Solar-sonic: a collection of live-recorded outdoor street performances


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