Thursday, June 12, 2003

Eklektro Karavan Productions
presents you with a proposition:
Orbiting-LA (the first in a series?)
and at this exploratory level, by invite-only:

Orange Alert...
"There was a strange vibe in the air, the kind of feeling one gets when there's a sudden shift about to take place... the kind of feeling when you lose sight of where you are on the map... and the world jumps, the cultural clock tick tocks, sirens go off, unmarked cars fly by and you're in the midst of it, as an urban dweller with helicopters circling overhead... smoke on the horizon... video cameras, radio waves, billboards, bumper stickers... guns?"
Adrenalin, we laugh it off, dismiss such talk and try to walk on the bright side... the game of numbers, survival is after-all a positivity quest. obsessing upon the acknowledged lessening of our odds (Orange Alert), in conventional terms, threatens to lessen the immediate experience in front of us... LIVING! Orange Alert? and so perhaps these days we try to kidnap panic's wasted energy, channel and run with the excitability: to CREATE a bit more rather than otherwise over-analyze, recreate rather than fallback, procreate rather than retract... long and short of it you're reading something from another one of "them"... a music-driven new millenial hippy; with a tech-chip on my shoulder, freedom-loving: Summer 2003 and it looks like a good time to activate freedom-enabling technologies. Now that we've got that out of the way, welcome to my particular take on the same portal i share with a cherished batch of others: to broadcast the scene as it flies by... this moment in time... the vitality... and scenery... Be intense and inspirational if you care to be... and i'd rather be thought of as industrious than as another one in the industry. And still we want to produce artful "product", and where do you stand on this? Through this process, and as shared-dividend, we'd like to examine the position of new media, ie) mega-corporate/investment/compromise-free... we've built the beginnings of network interface as could resound any of the countless or co-opted commercial media messages... We have (2) solarized and web-enabled mobile RV studios at the ready, and we'd like to use this performance/broadcast portal-formula as a soapbox to keep our countrymen free.... as "one nation under a groove" implies internationally, and as internet is border-free... live FREE or die.

Whether hawk or dove, tuned-in or happily oblivious, stock broker or embittered artist... and whether you're a subscriber to conspiracy theories or not... the day is/was/will-be mixed with uncertainties... accelerating in changing times, shifting economies, tightened belts and borders, wandering eyes... and indeed now literally, suddenly, unconstitutionally... a domestic crackdown, a retraction of rights including those of public group dynamics... the Patriot Act, read up on it. If not monitored, it could (has indeed already begun) begin the process of treating citizens like schoolchildren. Seems like the best of times to stand one's ground: deliberately, responsibly, gloriously... consider these 3 different states, and live them out simultaneously... matter-of-factly... but multi-tasking takes practice... and today's best target exercise?: THE RIGHT TO ASSEMBLE. the regimen? throw lots of responsible and successful parties... organize that utopian string of super-intentional and traveling block parties...
and in this respect, and with respectful invitation to The Gathering of the Tribes, the timing is amazing... Eklektro Karavan and Cyber EZ Ryders present... a proposed summer of live semi-local and mobile events:


Somewhere, sometime in the vicinity of the summer solstice (June20/21 or so?), and CyberEZRyders Mark Trance and EKG, in association with Club Q-topia, DreamCircus, LAFCO, Learning Party (on wheels), Naoism, Motion Detector, the tail-end of Lollapolooza and all ending-up at Burningman; WE, the unofficial LA satellite sub-Society for Summer 03 will present version one of what COULD be a new weekly non-promoted promotional event:
Orange Alert: a formula for fun, a seat of learning where we all get a chance to ride shotgun, a last-ditch last-minute-announced mobile party and synchronization attempt, with multiple locations, surprise special guest performers, electronic drum circle performance, sometimes wtih lo-fi realtime broadcast... ,and more... streetside, beachside, mountaintop or downtown desert... from afternoon thru late evening, with lunch and dinner served ..., we will let this event unfold into what it will BE... super-variably and free-formed, ie (we are NOT with-holding info, we are just now (thanks to techno-illogical innovations) experimenting with the concept of NOT being tied down to pre-planned details, NOT having to go throw the power play of "promoting" what is essentially a FREE-for-all and YET, and THEREFORE, we will be aiming to execute an intelligently-thrown, super-well-intended, creatilvely covert and perhaps one of the most demonstrational and timely parties you may ever attend... VITAL to kicking off the summer, vital to breaking the molds, help us redefine what makes for a good time... (renegade style) through mobility and interconnectivity... "potentiality" as theme... as each gathering may include possible urban exodus, optional camp-out, as well as quality down-time, the obligatory systems tests and configuration sessions... we will get increasingly better at this. Through this process, the music regains its vitality, its method of delivery, and with our complimentary RVs built for speed, we esteem to be the most notorious portable sound system... but please don't expect that we'll have giant speakers and flashy lighting, as we are running our party completely off of SOLAR POWER and are looking to maximize the interactive performance possibilities when the number of audience, level of production, ratio of live to net audience (will we indeed stream this time?), all blissfully indeterminable... and promoter to performer, interchangeable... and these types of parties are usually best achievable in mid-level numbers... and FREE to the VIP-invited, as well as the chance crossed-path public... but we need your participation in order to pull this off and transform it into something more than just a portable sound system and 2 guys jamming from RVs... more artful than a protest... more subtle than a peace rally... perhaps a techno version of the "Be-In", as well as a live mobile network demonstration. we need you to help us communicate the right message to those whose paths we cross...

To keep wheels turning: at this level, admission-free: beyond the a spontaneous free barter or gift economy hopefully as an afterthought... for necessary resources... vehicle upkeep, audio/video gear that don't come cheap... we're resourceful, and a little goes a long way... and we want to get the streaming project up to speed, with project Eklektro bringing you continuing FREE electronic vibes all summer... we invite you to become involved however you may choose... as artist, supporter, promoter and vibe maintainence crew... But even soliciting your input we need to be clear and deliberate... and respectful: WE WANT IT TO BE KNOWN THAT AT NO TIME WILL WE EXPECT TO HAVE TIME TO MAKE SPECIAL PHONECALLS TO RALLY INDIVIDUALS, OR MAKE SPECIAL INVITATIONS BEYOND BLOG OR EMAIL OR WEBSITE... and please don't take offense that we don't. but if you're comfortable and current with either blogging, web-forum or email, then please know that we await your input, your feedback, your intelligence data collected from your side of the city... and all these salvos will be addressed, answered on a daily if not hourly basis, cellphone wireless internet, and i think this is the only way we'd be able to do this effectively without going crazy; essentially batch-process our communication updates via blog. Or so we'll see. LA is a big place, and to be in the right place at the right time certainly involves networking. and whether you care to become hands-on involved, or just tune in on the web, we intend to do our best to keep you up to date and in the loop.
And speaking of loops...
Music: kicking if off: the beauty of this party is that it indeed will BE what it will be, and the variety of jams and special guests with special gear promises to keep things super-eclectic, and speaking of hectic; even if our trip route tires out all the performing guests, you ALWAYS get the latest beats of our mobile "house-band", Cyber EZ Ryders, featuring the never-ending electronic achives and real-time remixes of Mark Trance, now currently completely set-up inside the 23' silver 6-wheeler, The Rocket; with drums, effects and super-minimal megaphone MC interjections by E>K>G (EklektroGreg), fluctuating from machine to machine, together directing a mobile orchestration in which you are invited to collaborate... attend/perform/enjoy/record... this is a special invitational, starting with those who GET it... no big-gig illusional dynamic of promoter and ticket-buyer... we're letting you in on the experiment, and it doesn't take much imagination to believe that it just might parallel our electro-cultural needs at the moment, artistically. So come help us pull it off!

Eklektro stands for alternative means of live electronic media delivery, suggesting exploring the "purpose" and uses for performance-media as new communicative tools... and in this day and age; awakening the full purpose of the media artist, or digital nomad... karavan... for whom the day begins with a wake-up transmission... sytems status check and navigation report... And as for exactly when we decide to "call" the party? Often the weather, the gear or the moon has a say in it.. so stay tuned for clues on this blog... the real-time morning broadcast (blog announcement and/or eventual audio stream)... this is the formula, the message tree, for what will be a day and night-long 24 hour party...if and when it is MEANT
to be.

So please exuse the understated request to please STAY tuned :)
Looking forward to hearing back from you...



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