Thursday, June 12, 2003

...a late night last night, and with RVs camped out at Qtopia for the Gathering of the Tribes:
suddenly this blog takes a turn, but consistent with what we were previously proposing for June 20th or so, (if you scroll down some) except that it jumps a whole week earlier, as we make an exodus from LA this friday afternoon, for a 3-4 hour drive out to points unknown (rather undisclosed). But along the way, it appears at this moment that all the pieces of the puzzle are in place, and that we will finally achieve our experimental objective of MOBILE and free-form electronica streaming via cellphone/laptop feed (if not this week, then definitely next week!)... stream live performance while in-motion... from inside the RVs, while enroute to the event. even jamming wireless MIDI between the 2 RVs. and it appears that we may indeed have the donated server and a ready-configured laptop to crunch the numbers, leaving our Macs available to stay on the music... so oh yes, please stay tuned...

So from the intentional/political level, and on the topic of what we would ideally set out to achieve... and what we can experiment with all summer here in LA: mobile events (non-promoted parties) that orbit the city, with "audience" numbers always in the vicinity of the legal non-permit limit of 45 at a time.. current limits on the right to assemble (a detraction, but something we can sure work within, being on the move, orbiting LA... ) and if it gets larger, we branch off: satellite systems, 2 or more web-connected RVs if need be. to test the extent of our civil liberties and rights to assemble. an exercise/excuse to be organizing our abilities to communicate on the fly.. to be connected in real-time, with pirate radio (internet) broadcast....


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